Our Vision

For the benefit of the public and in particular children in the Kambia District of Sierra Leone, to further the advancement of education and the prevention or relief of poverty.

Our Values

We are all volunteers and do not take any payment or salary from our charity. All our visits are self-funded and all items donated are transported by us personally when we visit Sierra Leone. We do not employ any individuals in our charity. Every single penny that we raise goes directly to our projects.

Simon Jen Primary School Masama

This is a purpose-built structure that over 500 pupils attend. The children are educated here for free and lessons are given in English. Phonics have recently been introduced and we have some resources now available to aid this. We have a local team of teachers who are provided with free training at least three times a year.

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Recent Projects

A selection of our most recent projects, click here to view more projects.

Bayande Secondary School

Having successfully completed the build of a primary school in Masama we are now in the process of constructing a… Read more »

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Cheltenham Town Football Club Sierra Leone

The charity now helps the club with the support of Cheltenham Town Football Club (CTFC) in the UK, plus donations… Read more »

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Masama Fisherman

40 new nets were donated to the village in 2017 to replace the worn out nets that were being used… Read more »

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Mini Bus

The founders of the charity purchased a mini bus in 2016 from their own funds that is now used commercially,… Read more »

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Orphan Sponsorship

We have around 38 orphans at the school and we are in the process of getting them sponsored by families… Read more »

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Playground Project

A team of budding architects and volunteers spent a month in Kambia with us building a wonderful playground for our… Read more »

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